Bible Studies

Join me as we journey, verse by verse through an entire book of the Bible!  Each study is designed to help you daily engage with the pages of Scripture by using colored pencils and looking for specific words and phrases. If you don't like marking in your Bible -that's not a problem! Each study has a copy of the individual book (NASB version) located in the back for you to color or take notes.  If you don't like coloring-that's not a problem either! Any of these Bible studies can be done without using the coloring key!

Available Studies!

  5 week verse by verse Bible Study through the entire book of Colossians!

5 week verse by verse Bible Study through the entire book of Colossians!


We find ourselves in desperate need of direction and a whole lot of Jesus—and the Holy Spirit breathed these words through Paul’s pen to us!  The letter to the church at Colosse was written to encourage us to stick to the basics of the Gospel of Jesus. God IS good. Jesus IS enough. He made heaven a reality for sinners through grace. Period. Is the Gospel really that simple? Yup- It’s just that simple…and we make it way too complicated.

Ready to step off of the religious treadmill and simply walk with Jesus again?

Me too.

Jude COVER A.jpg

Jude: contend for the faith

Our culture cries for moral freedom and pushes the social norms to the limit. Is that happening to our churches??  It is crucial in this day and age to be centered on the truths of God's Word as our source of knowledge and understanding.  Do you know how to spot false teaching? Jude will open your eyes to the numerous false ideologies that can secretly creep into your belief system!

Do you know how to stand firm? 

Let's do battle!

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ephesians: I am in christ

Who is Jesus and what did His life, death and resurrection do for me?  It is way more than just being forgiven!  I am beloved, redeemed, righteous, and blameless because of Jesus Christ! It is in the person of Jesus Christ that I can find freedom from sin, healing for my wounds, forgiveness for my soul and assurance that I am a child of God.  Step into The Living Water and drink deeply through the book of Ephesians.

Do you know where you stand with Jesus?

In Christ-- I am beloved.