God Is For You!

We all do it.  We have an entire armload of worries...finances, health,children,marriage,future plans employment.  You name it-and our hearts ache under the weight of it all.  It is so exhausting. It is so unnecessary, but we do it anyway.  It is so easy to forget God in the equation.  We forget that we are IN CHRIST and we have his WORD on the matter.  We look around and forget that we have access to the power of God to give us a new perspective in each situation.  What we don't forget is how human we are! It seems to hit the replay button over and over until we are drowning in ourselves.  YUCK. We do not have to listen to that tune.

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I don't know about you...but this morning I needed enlightened to say the least. The eyes of my heart had lost its focus last week and some things sent me on a spiral. How easily I had forgotten to listen to what God thinks of me and I gave into the chatter of my defeated foe. It was exhausting and I just couldn't seem to pick myself up. Nasty stuff... not just for me...but for everyone around me.

Then I grabbed a devotional and God sweetly spoke. When theses worries and cares melt into a sweet Saviors arms--I find strength to keep going.  I hope this short excerpt from the devotional encourages you today!  Please note that I also changed it into modern English for ease of reading.


Morning and Evening by Charles Spurgeon

pg.391 (July 13th-evening)


" When I cry unto You, then shall my enemies turn back; this I know; God is for me."

~Psalm 56:9

"It is impossible for any human speech to express the full meaning of this delightful phrase, 'God is for me.' He was 'for us' before the worlds were made; He was 'for us' or He would not have given His well-beloved Son; He was 'for us' when He struck the Only begotten, and laid the full weight of His wrath upon Him--He was 'for us,' though He was against Him; He was 'for us, when we were ruined in the fall--He loved us notwithstanding all; He was 'for us' when we were rebels against Him, and with a high hand were defying Him; He was 'for us,'or He would not have brought us humbly to see His face.

He has been 'for us' in many struggles; we have been summoned to encounter hosts of dangers; we have been assailed by temptations from without and within --how could we have remained unharmed to this hour if HE had not been 'for us'? 

He is 'for us,' with all the infinity of His being; with all the omnipotence of His love; with all the infallibility of His wisdom; arrayed in all His divine attributes, He is 'for us', '--eternally and immutably 'for us;' 

He is 'for us' when the clouds will be rolled up like a worn out piece of clothes; 'for us' throughout eternity. And because He is 'for us' the voice of prayer will always ensure His help. 

'When I cry unto You, then shall my enemies by turned back.' This is a sure hope and a well grounded assurance--'this I know." I will direct my prayer to You, and will look up for the answer, assured that it will come, and that my enemy will be defeated, 'for God is for me.' Oh believer, how happy you are when the King of Kings is on your side! How safe you are with such a Protector! How sure your case is when the Advocate is pleading your cause! If God be for you, who can be against you?"