Love Born In a Barn

God knew all along that I would need a Savior.  One that I could identify with.  One that was born like me.  One that suffers like me.  One that hurts like me.  One that knew pain like me.  One that is perfect FOR me.  Christmas.  Love born in a barn.  Love Incarnate in a baby.

Simply Scripture Christmas.jpg

Baby Jesus cried like the rest of humanities babies. Being born brings pain. But I often wonder...The first breath He breathed of this earthly air...what was it like?  Were his cries simply from the cold night air and natural responses to His lungs opening for the first time?  Were those wailing and whimpering infant cries holding more?I think they were.

I think they were the cries of God Himself.  Cries of Redemption drawing near.  Cries of Salvation becoming reality.  Tears for all of Mankind.  Maybe it the epic battle cry of war.  Wouldn't that be just like God to have a newborn cry rally all of the heavenly armies to the epic battle of the ages?  The sin of the whole world defeated by the cry of a little baby. That is our God.  Jesus-crying in the manger.

I think God Himself was crying, knowing that Jesus was born for the perfect sacrifice. Our Emmanuel.  I think it was a joyous night. A Silent night.  A holy night.

Joyous because Jesus was born. Silent because it would take 33 years until God's plan to redeem all of humanity would be complete.  Holy because those of us who were wandering...would wander no more.

Merry Christmas.