Beloved, Stand // A Study In The Book Of Jude

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Beloved, Stand // A Study In The Book Of Jude


WORKBOOK NOW AVAILABLE! Our culture cries for moral freedom and pushes the social norms to the limit. Is that happening to our churches?? It is crucial in this day and age to be centered on the truths of God's Word as our source of knowledge and understanding or we will be led astray. Do you know how to spot false teaching? Jude will open your eyes to the numerous false ideologies that can secretly creep into your belief system and teach us how to stand in the midst of warfare.

Do you know how to stand firm, Beloved?

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Title: Beloved, Stand // A Study In The Book Of Jude

Author: Sheryl Aeschliman


Printed by Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, Ohio

8.5" x 11" Spiral bound


3 weeks (64 total pages)

5 daily lessons per week- (average 30 minutes per day)

Book Description

The book of Jude is only 25 verses long but it is a nuclear bomb of sorts. Jude runs to the front lines of the epic battle of the ages and drives a stake into the ground for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This power packed 3 week study will take you on a journey through the mine fields of identifying false teaching and prepare you to stand firm on the truth of Scripture. Yes my friend, perilous times have crept into our pulpits and pews and we can not afford to lose one more minute with our Bibles collecting dust while our enemy opens fire. Together, let’s dig into this precious book, and learn how run into battle with grace in our hearts and Scripture on our lips!


Bootcamp Basics: Sprinkled through out this study you will get the opportunity to dig deeper into the book of Jude with challenging questions and additional scriptures to expand your insights. Each Bootcamp Basic is designed to connect the larger themes of the Bible to the book of Jude.

War Room Strategy/Journaling Prayer: Each week take advantage of writing out your prayers! Feel free to use the optional guided prayer prompts to help you begin your prayer journal.

Simply Color! Do you want to learn how to color your Bible as a way of digging deeper in your devotional and study time? A step by step guide of the Simply Color method of color coding your Bible is included with this study! Also, a complete copy of the NASB version of Scripture is included in the back of the workbook so you can practice the color code without using your personal Bible, or if you don’t own an NASB version. (Using the Simply Color! method is OPTIONAL for this study.)


A complete copy of the book of Jude (NASB version) is provided in the back of each workbook. This will allow you to take notes, color and study without marking up your personal Bible.