Simply Color// The Art Of Creative Bible Study-PRINTED WORKBOOK ONLY

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Simply Color// The Art Of Creative Bible Study-PRINTED WORKBOOK ONLY


Do you feel lost the moment you open your Bible? You are not alone. Rediscover the joy of your salvation, the beauty of the Gospel, and the God who loves you unconditionally. Join me as we journey through 17 days of personal study and watch how God can turn complex theology into simple faith with the swipe of a colored pencil.

129 page SPIRAL BOUND workbook format only.

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Title: Simply Color// The Art Of Creative Bible Study

Author: Sheryl Aeschliman


Printed by Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon, Ohio

8.5" x 11" SPIRAL BOUND workbook


17 daily devotional studies (129 total pages)

1 daily lesson for 17 days (average 30-45+ minutes per day.) The time will vary from day to day depending on the content and how you interact with it!

Book Description

Are you frustrated with reading your Bible? Is it hard for you to understand what it says and even harder to follow? Simply Color is designed to help women read Scripture with confidence and understanding using 8 basic colored pencils! This 17 day Bible study workbook will help you not only find God’s promises, His commands, and His nature, but also help you identify sin, understand salvation and who you are IN CHRIST! Simply Color is a Bible study tool that you can use to get more out of your devotional reading time and help you understand the basic foundational truths that define Christianity. This study is perfect for the new believer, the seeker, and the woman who is needs to be encouraged in her walk with Christ. Simply Color is more than a Bible study method, it is helping women find soul rest.

Chapter Titles:
DAY ONE: Coloring Red-Christ In You

DAY TWO: Coloring Red-The Beauty of Being Forgiven

DAY THREE: Coloring Red-Saved From Wrath

DAY FOUR: Coloring Red-The Indwelling of The Holy Spirit

DAY FIVE: Coloring Red-You Are Made Whole

DAY SIX: Coloring Red- Finding Jesus In The Old Testament

DAY SEVEN: Coloring Red-Jesus In The Psalms and Prophets

DAY EIGHT: Coloring Purple-God Your Father

DAY NINE: Coloring Purple-The Nature of Jesus Christ

DAY TEN: Coloring Purple-The Character Of The Holy Spirit

DAY ELEVEN: Coloring Yellow-What God Wants For You

DAY TWELVE: Coloring Grey-The Nature of Sin

DAY THIRTEEN: Coloring Orange-A Word Of Caution

DAY FOURTEEN: Coloring Green-The Rescuing Hand of God

DAY FIFTEEN: Coloring Blue-God’s Expectations

DAY SIXTEEN: Coloring Favorites-Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart

DAY SEVENTEEN: Color Challenge-How To Use Multiple Colors In A Verse



You will be using your whole Bible to search for specific insights! Each day you will be given scriptures to color, to pick apart and to think deeply on!

SUPPLIES NEEDED: You will need a set of 8 basic colored pencils, a pen/pencil and a Bible! (NASB, ESV, NIV, KJV OR NKJV-paraphrased Bibles will not work with this study!)

His Canvas: At the end of each day, take time to journal what God is showing you through your time in His Word.

Bonus Material: Bible journaling prompts and a list of amazing websites that will help you get even more creative!


All Scripture in this workbook is from the NASB and the ESV version of the Holy Bible.