Devotional Videos

These inspiring videos are designed to complement each week of the individual book studies provided here.  These clips are perfect for encouraging and strengthening your walk with Jesus Christ-even without the study!

Colossians: Jesus Is Enough (Intro)

Welcome to Colossians! Together we are going to learn how to step off of the treadmill of Religion and into the path of a deeply rooted relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. Join me as we go verse by verse through the book of Colossians and discover that Jesus is more than enough for everything we face!


This powerful devotional video based on "Colossians: Jesus Is Enough" Women's Bible Study from Simply Scripture, reminds us that Jesus was broken for us-so we could be be whole again. God forgives. God heals and God restores! May He give us the faith to believe it and live like it through the power of His Holy Spirit.